Friday, 25 June 2010

Bruce Lee: Jeet Kune Do

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Bruce Lee: Jeet Kune Do Training

Bruce Lee - Jeet Kune Do Training | 419 MB

JKD has long since been known as the style of no style, but this term has been overused and to a great extent exaggerated to "allow" others to teach JKD without using actual Jeet Kune Do techniques under the guise of defining the art as anything you want to make it. The art, which was formed by Lee in various stages, was finally named in the late 60s. While continuing to deny that JKD was a "style" he began to show his system to the public with great skepticism from the martial arts community and various Chinese individual who found his teachings to be discourteous to tradition. While it is nothing in the martial arts for a founder of a martial art style to be young (most founders / grandmasters of famous Chinese and Japanese systems were in their 20s) Lees instruction of non-Chinese had the elders in an uproar.

He was a pioneer in many different aspects in the martial arts. One of his famous quotes was Jeet Kune Do is only a name so dont fuss over it, but if he gave so little importance to the name why woFSC he want it on his grave marker. This act woFSC certainly lead one to believe that this name was important, and that it had significant meaning to him and the style known as Jeet Kune D

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